Islington Overnight Baby Changing Bag - Black

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The Islington Overnight Changing Bag is a versatile bag that is perfect for hospital stays and overnight trips.
It features three spacious compartments that allow you to pack and organize everything you and your little ones need, from their first day to a weekend getaway.
The first compartment is made of antimicrobial, waterproof, and easy-to-wipe material, providing extra hygiene and versatility. You can use it as a snack/lunch section or a dirty clothes section, and the Islington bag has got you covered.
The second compartment is padded, making it perfect for carrying a mom's laptop or tablet, along with other essentials.
The third compartment has insulated pockets that are ideal for storing bottles and ample
space for your little ones' clothes.
You can experiment with how you fill the Islington Overnight Bag, but you need not worry about space, as it has plenty.
- Mum Purse
- Changing mat with new antimicrobial surface for extra hygiene
- Antimicrobial compartment
- Padded Laptop compartment
- Vegan friendly material 
- Environmentally friendly packaging


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We aim to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices while leaving the smallest footprint as possible. We do this by using vegan leather for our bags, no plastic in our packaging and donate to charity to help give back and keep other babies and children safe.